The census-designated place of Lorton, Virginia has a surprisingly rich history for a population of just under 30,000 people. Originally known as Colchester, the area was settled by a spiritually connected group that revolved around the Pohick Church. It was later renamed for the British hometown of Joseph Plaskett, who established Lorton’s first post office and general store in 1875. Some of those structures are still standing today, and with the inclusion of various modern buildings with solar and metal roofing, it is almost as if Lorton’s history unfolds before your eyes as you traverse its main streets.

Although Lorton, Virginia isn’t very large, it is a popular place to raise families, evidenced by its having not a couple but six elementary schools. As those children grow, it’s only natural that Lorton will expand significantly in the coming years to accommodate them as they start families of their own. This means development efforts are on the rise, and the community is in need of a quality labor force to tend to every aspect from the laying of foundation to the installation of an environmentally conscious solar-powered system or standing-seam metal roof.

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