The unincorporated community of Jermantown, Virginia in Fairfax County lies just outside of the independent city of Fairfax. This allows Jermantown residents to enjoy the natural beauty of rural life while knowing the comforts and amenities of the city are just a stone’s throw away. Although things have not always been so tranquil for the area, such as during the battle of Ox Hill in the Civil War, you would never guess that strife had ever touched the community from its thriving spirit today. Jermantown is, in fact, a rapidly growing Virginia community due to its convenient location, and new structures with crisp solar or metal roofing pop up every year.

One of the dangers of fresh development or even remodeling efforts is that the quantity of growth may overshadow the quality. This is something the residents of Jermantown clearly don’t want. In order to seamlessly blend modern residential and commercial structures into the largely rural landscape, a certain degree of skill is required in every part of the building effort from the laying of a foundation to the installation of a solar or metal roof up on top. Fortunately, your roofing needs can be covered without worry because Alpha Rain is proud to bestow its two decades of experience on the Jermantown, Virginia area.

If you’re a property owner in Jermantown needing anything from a standing-seam metal roof to an evironmentally conscious solar-powered system, don’t hesitate to call Alpha Rain for a free estimate. A knowledgeable roofing professional will take your unique needs into account and suggest the best value for your budget, whether it’s one of their new economy metal roofs or the addition of Alpha Rain’s patented Under Roof ventilation system. As always, there’s no obligation to commit until you’re ready, yet rest assured, if chosen, Alpha Rain will meet or exceed your high expectations.