The census-designated place of Ivy, Virginia within Abermarle County has played home to a wide array of historically significant people. Notable people from various ranks who have called this community home have included the likes of Merriweather Lewis, Representative Tom Perriello, former MLB player Joe Hicks, and esteemed writer Donovan Webster. The myriad of greatness that has permeated the people of this community naturally reflects in the architectural styles, including the roofing of its buildings old and new.

Historic places like Home Tract and Woodstock Hall Tavern represent the times of old while new buildings sport more modern styles and solar, shingle, and metal roofing techniques. In order to view the sheer breadth of roofing types out there, just find some high ground in Ivy and survey the scene. There’s a little bit of everything, from Victorian-stamped shingles to prepainted metal roofs to state-of-the-art solar-powered systems. When your residential or commercial building is in need of roofing installation and care, all the choices available can be dizzying. That’s why you need a professional that is well-acquainted with everything from old-time tin roofs to standing-seam metal roofing to everything in between.

Just one quick call to Alpha Rain is a step in the right direction. Its roofing professionals have been installing Virginia roofs for approximately two decades, and there isn’t a type of roof they haven’t seen. An expert will travel to you in Ivy, Virginia and discuss what material is most suitable for your budget and needs, including its new economy metal roof or Alpha Rain’s under roof patented ventilation system as an added feature. You’ll be presented with an easy-to-understand estimate based on the discussion, and there will be no hidden costs down the road if you choose Alpha Rain for the job.