Free Union

The census-designated place of Free Union, Virginia within Abermarle County is one that truly blends pieces of antiquity into the modern world seamlessly. Although it isn’t particularly large with a population of approximately 200 people, there is a certain charm to the local structures – from the historic Free Union Baptist Church to its newest houses that usher in a new architectural era for the village. These stylistic changes to the small community’s residential and commercial buildings is even evident in its rooftops, which include a variety of shingle and metal roofing materials and techniques.

Until you take the time to really look at the sheer variety of rooftops in Free Union – from prepainted metal roofing to high-tech solar-powered systems – you may be prone to take what shields you from above for granted. Few things, however, are as important in your day-to-day life as the roof that keeps you safe from the elements. The solar, shingle, and metal roofs of Free Union, however, aren’t just functional; they are often like the icing on cake when it comes to a building’s visual appeal. A slate metal roof, for instance, has its own unique beauty that is different than that of a standing-seam metal roof.

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