Fairfax City

The city of Fairfax, Virginia in Fairfax County is actually part of the Washington Metropolitan Area, as it is situation in the northernmost part of the state. Formerly known as Providence, Fairfax City was named for Thomas Fairfax, a lord who was awarded the land by King Charles. Ever since 1904 when a trolley line was built between the city and Washington, D.C., its connection with the political realm has grown. This means it is not only part of the proud Virginian tradition but of our government’s seat as well. This pride has manifested itself in every bit of Fairfax City, from its buildings’ foundations to its metal roofing.

From the historic Fairfax County Courthouse to the glassed-in Fairfax High School, there is a wide variety of architectural styles on display. Consequently, any remodeling or fresh development efforts need to meet a certain standard from the ground up to the standing-seam metal roof or solar-powered system in order to fit in with the noble surroundings. This requires a breadth of experience and access to the latest technology and techniques in order to achieve. Fortunately, for any solar or metal roofing needs, Alpha Rain can do just that, and the company’s knowledgeable professionals have been installing quality roofs on Virginia structures for two decades.

Feel free to call Alpha Rain for a free estimate if you own residential or commercial property in Fairfax City, Virginia in need of solar or metal roofing attention. A friendly roofing expert will come to you and discuss the particular needs for your project and the budget you need to stay within. As always, there is no obligation to commit until you are ready, and the staff of Alpha Rain will strive to meet and even exceed your expectations.