The census designated place of Crozet, Virginia in Albemarle County is particularly remarkable for its wealth of history. The area was originally known as Wayland’s Crossing, but it was later renamed to pay homage to Colonel Claudius Crozet, who played a vital role in the design of the Blue Ridge Tunnel. Although Crozet is not very large with a population of just over 7,000, this place has garnered plenty of attention throughout the years and is even the setting of the popular Mrs. Murphy mystery series by author Rita Mae Brown. It has also been called home by such stars as baseball’s Billy Wagner and boxing’s Muhammed Ali.

In recent years, there has been a lot of development activity around the Barnes Lumber property, which comprises much of Crozet’s downtown district. This has led to an artful blend of architectural styles, including a wide array of solar, shingle, and metal roofing techniques and materials, through the mix of historic and modern buildings. Since the area residents are keen to preserve its rural charm in the wake of growing development efforts, it is of prime importance that care is taken to make the newest additions to the town’s structures as visually appealing as possible through superior craftsmanship from the bottom up to the rooftops.

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