The unincorporated community of Covesville, Virginia in Albemarle County is almost like stepping back into the past. As such, it is not surprising that the entire area is known as the Covesville Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places. This rich history permeates the town, and there is nowhere more apparent than in its array of architectural styles, including the different types of rooftops on its residential and commercial buildings. When viewed from high ground, Covesville’s shingle, solar, and metal roofing tells a valuable part of the city’s historical tale.

From the steeply pitched metal roofing of Cove Presbyterian Church to the iconic Redlands home with its hipped roof in the Federal style, it’s clear these structures were designed with loving care. Just as they were constructed with an attention to detail, it is vital that their roofing is maintained for future generations to appreciate. It is also important that Covesville’s newest buildings have only the best craftsmanship and materials up top to continue the community’s architectural story in style – whether it be in the form of a standing-seam metal roof or state-of-the-art solar-powered system.

Alpha Rain has approximately two decades of experience in installing Virginia’s solar, shingle, and metal roofing with a reputation for quality work at a reasonable price. Its roofing professionals are well-acquainted with a variety of techniques and styles, including but not limited to Victorian-stamped shingles, solar-powered roofing, and its new economy metal roof. If you have roofing needs for your residential or commercial building in Covesville, Virginia, don’t hesitate to call Alpha Rain for a free estimate. As always, there’s no obligation to commit right away, and the estimates are easy to understand with no hidden costs down the road to break your budget.