The census-designated place of Centreville, Virginia in Fairfax County has a fascinating history throughout the years in which its residents take pride. Although the community’s beginnings when it was known as Newgate, named after the famous London prison, are somewhat bleak, it has grown into something far more than merely a place where prisoners were sent to the New World or convicted servants were sold as slaves. Due to its proximity to numerous roadways, Centreville was a strategic stronghold in the Civil War, and it is now a luxurious suburb of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, full of homes with crisp metal roofing and high-tech solar-powered systems up above.

This wide array of architectural styles evidenced in the solar and metal roofing as well as other areas of its structures shows how diverse Centreville has been both in the past and in the present. All new building efforts, both as fresh development and remodeling, only add to that diversity; however, its affluent residents demand a high quality from every facet of the workmanship. This requires a labor force that can call itself a group of skilled craftsmen, and you would be hard pressed to find a better professional roofing team than that of Alpha Rain.

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