The unincorporated community of Barracks, Virginia in Albemarle County is one with its own unique character. Just outside historic Charlottesville, this area hearkens back to an age when the main form of transportation was by horse instead of car. As such, it has a certain charm that beckons for preservation to show future generations that time didn’t always move so fast, and there’s a need to appreciate the beauty that abounds all around us. This beauty in Barracks isn’t just in its expanses of green grass and trees; it is also apparent in the architectural variety of its structures and even in the rooftops.

If you have residential or commercial property in Barracks, Virginia, you’ll want to keep it in the well-kept condition worthy of its majestic surroundings. Although you may take the shingle, solar, or metal roofing above you for granted, there are a myriad of options to better its condition and visual appeal. Just as a tree is has its most grandeur with full foliage, a building’s beauty is heightened by the right roof for its character. Whether the best top for your structure is a standing-seam metal roof, standard shingles, or a state-of-the-art solar-powered system, the professionals at Alpha Rain can install it with ease.

Feel free to call Alpha Rain any time to discuss your particular solar, shingle, or metal roofing needs. An expert will provide you with a free estimate based on your unique situation and budget, and you’re under no obligation to commit until you’ve had time to think and come to an informed decision. If you ultimately choose Alpha Rain for the job, its roofing professionals will work quickly and expertly to meet your satisfaction, whether you opt for Victorian-stamped shingles, prepainted metal roofing, or even a vintage-style copper roof.