The census-designated place of Annandale, Virginia in Fairfax County has a charm unlike any other place on the planet. With a respectable population of approximately 40,000, it has all the amenities of a city while retaining a small-town feel. The surrounding landscape’s rolling hills and babbling creeks continually remind its residents and visitors of the power and beauty of nature, and the structures only enhance the scene, blending in seamlessly all the way up to their crisp metal roofing. There truly are few places with that claim to fame, and Annandale is well aware of its advantages.

This proud place has been called home by the likes of actor Mark Hammill, singer Kelly Willis, and adventurer Christopher McCandless. As such, the people of Annandale have a reputation to uphold, and that reputation extends all the way up to the metal roofing of its structures. Attention to detail in remodeling and development efforts is a must, and a good degree of experience and access to the latest technology is helpful as well. When it comes to solar-powered systems and metal roofing, it’s fortunate the knowledgeable roofing professionals at Alpha Rain can do all this and more.

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