South Merrimac VA Metal Roofing

South Merrimac VA Metal Roofing

South Merrimac VA Metal Roofing
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South Merrimac VA Metal Roofing

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South Merrimac Metal Roofing

We are Alpha Rain the Metal roofing Company and can be reached at: 540-222-1642. This video is made for the great people of South Merrimack VA. We are the metal roofing company alpha rain.  I wanted to show in this video our exclusive ventilation system for metal roofing.  We have made remarkable strides of changing attic air temperatures of high 150 degree temperatures to 103 degrees when the outside air temperature is only 96 degree.

Ten years ago we ran into several problems with homes from the 1700 and  early 1800s that had no way for any ventilation, or air to enter into the attic space.  The stone or brick walls came up all the way where the roof started, and there was no over hang of the roof making it impossible to install traditional soffit vents.  This is a problem of a lot of older homes that are 100-200 years old.  We started trying to figure out a way to vent these roofs and we did find a way, we do that by allow the air to go underneath our roof by way of the drip edge and a mesh for air flow.  This was the start of our development of a system that is now leading the US in attic and roof ventilation bar none.  We have installed this type of metal roofing system in a home in South Merrimac VA.  Please check us out at or you can reach us at 540-222-1642


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