Snow Birds for Metal Roof VA

Snow Birds for Metal Roof VA

Snow Birds for Metal Roof VA
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Snow and Ice Protection with Our Snow Birds

A snow guard called a snowbird is a device installed on metal roofs most of the time on the seam to retain snow and ice from falling to the surface. It helps you to minimize your liability by preventing accidents such as snow and ice slides. The purpose is to prevent snow and ice from a potentially avalanching down that may injure people, and also it might damage plants and any other properties below the surface. Most of these snow birds are installed in a single row for homes and multiple rows on commercial buildings with specific quantity and pattern depending on the design of your roof. The pattern will also vary depending on the size, shapes and the pitch of the roof.

Modern Snowbirds

Most modern snow guards are made from cast aluminum which will not rust. There are also guards that look like a bar these are mostly used on commercial buildings. Other snow birds for metal roofs are manufactured by metal powder coated color which can be described as a painted armor shield in order to match the color of the roof. Having your snow birds powder coated is the best way to go considering your other options are to have them spray painted. The problem with spray painting is that it will peel off after the first or second snow and ice storm leaving you with snow birds that will age the look of your roof with peeling paint coming from your new snow birds, trust me we speak from experience. They will also to enhance the look of the roof.

Cast Aluminum Snowbirds

This type of snow bird for metal roofs is commonly used in residential metal roofing. It is also referred as snow stops or snow break. It allows your roof to have a full line of retention when it comes to keeping the snow or ice on the roof. Snowbirds are critical elements on your roof to protect the gutters from damages. It is highly important especially if a home has a metal or slate roof.

Roof Snow Birds Designs and Position

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Snow Birds for Metal Roofs

Residential homes in most parts of Arlington VA are aware of the benefits of snow guards. This is why it is increasingly becoming popular and there are new products available that have been introduced. Snow guards come with different heights, shapes, and faces. Some may stand up from the edge of the mounting base. The different designs are all made for the same reason and that is to keep the snow up on the roof allowing it to melt slowly, rather than all the snow or ice coming down all at once.

Alpha Rain Incorporated

Alpha Rain Incorporated has been installing metal roofing in most part of Virginia exclusively for more than 15 years. We produce the top of the line metal roofs in Arlington VA with competitive prices. Our aim is to provide quality metal roofing in the most effective way. If you are concern about snowbirds ruining the appealing looks of your metal roof, you shouldn’t because we use exact materials, color and texture with superb manufacturers with powder coated color. This allows your roof to have a flawless match which makes them blend in within the roofing system and become pretty much unrecognizable.

We guarantee that your roof guards will be installed properly. With our strategic plan including home entries, garage, pathway and side areas, we make sure that that you and your family are safe from falling snow. The design of an effective roof guard system is necessary in order to avoid accidents during winter.

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