Charlottesville, Virginia

The city of Charlottesville, Virginia within Abermarle County is one rife with historical significance. It has been home to not just one United States president, but two – Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. Its rich history does not end there, however, and it can be seen in the architecture of the old through modern buildings, including in the metal roofing of antiquated farmhouses to the more durable standing-seam metal roofs or solar-powered systems of today.

Roofing styles abound in Charlottesville from the dome metal roofing of the Rotunda at the University of Virginia to the variety of metal and shingle roofs seen in the historic Downtown Mall. As you stroll or leisurely drive through the streets of Charlottesville, its story unfolds like an intricate tapestry in the architectural styles, and the rooftops are not unlike the leaves of a history book in the tale’s telling. Whether it’s the tin roof of an antiquated farmhouse or a prepainted metal roof of a modern commercial building, each one has its own bit of the town’s story.

Clearly, there is a need to preserve these valuable metal, solar, and shingle roofs for future generations because Charlottesville’s unique story is a valuable one. So, you don’t want to leave the maintenance of older rooftops to just anyone any more than you want a haphazard job done on the installation of a modern roof, such as a stone-coated metal roof or solar-powered system, on your new commercial or residential buildings.

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