Ever since the Algonquian Indians built their homes from materials the land now known as Stafford County provided, a rich architectural tradition was begun. Building techniques have come a long way since that time, and you can still see pieces of history in the homes and businesses throughout the Virginia region today. With just a survey of rooftops in Stafford, it is possible to view a bit of that building evolution with an expanse of bright copper metal roofing, Victorian stamped shingles, and even ultra-modern solar panels in the mix.

From Aquia Harbor to Settler’s Landing, you could randomly fly overhead and see this architectural heritage unfold. Each and every roof adds its own distinct flavor to the scene, much like an intricate jigsaw puzzle. One puzzle piece may harken back to bygone times with shingle roofing possessing historic flair while another features the altogether different texture of stone coated metal roofing. When grouped together, these pieces forged by roofing artisans throughout the years create the beloved panorama of Stafford County.

Our professionals at Alpha Rain Roofing are pleased to be a small part of this resplendent architectural tradition in Stafford and throughout Virginia. Twenty years ago, we made our mark with metal roofing, particularly in standing seam, copper, and stone coated varieties. Today, we continue to master new techniques and the use of varied materials. Our experts can now handle anything in the roofing industry from traditional shingle roofing to green-minded solar panels.

If you need solar, shingle, or metal roofing for your Stafford County residential or commercial property, don’t hesitate to give Alpha Rain Roofing a call or email. Our roofing pros are eager to consult with you about your project and will provide references relevant to your needs, so you can make the most informed decisions possible. Once you have one of our easy-to-understand price quotes in hand, you can also trust there will be no surprises in the metal, solar, or shingle roofing costs when the job is complete.