Protect your Metal Roof by Thunderstorm

Protect your Metal Roof by Thunderstorm

Protect your Metal Roof by Thunderstorm
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Is Your Metal Roof Safe During a Lightning Storm?

So, you are planning to upgrade your roof from traditional asphalt shingle into high-end metal roofing system. However, you are anxious how safe is your metal roofing system during thunder storms. Indeed, metal can attract thunderstorm and it is the number one conductor of electricity but it does not necessarily mean that your home is at risk if it is installed with metal roofing.

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Metal Roofing – Protect you from Lightning
  • Metal improves the value of your home
  • It is durable that can last up to 80 years or even more which is a good investment
  • Recyclable material as an Eco-friendly choice
  • Fire resistance which means insurance companies may reduce premiums
  • Decreases your annual property tax from the federal government.
  • Energy efficient roofing system which is beneficial for locations with extreme heat during summer season.

With all these advantages, there is no doubt while lots of residential home owners are turning their interest to upgrade roofs and find metal roofing contractors northern Virginia.

When it comes with the thunderstorm issue, the answer is pretty much simple. Your metal roofing is guaranteed safe during this type of weather. Yes, metal conduct and attracts electricity but your metal roof won’t attract lightning and this is a fact. Also, lightning strikes rarely to buildings. Instead, lightning can potential strikes to tall structures such as trees, poles and towers.

If worse comes to worst which the lightning strikes to your metal roofing system, the roof will actually help to keep you safe by dispersing the energy throughout the building. It is extremely fire resistant so you don’t have to worry about such myths.

Stay safe with lightning storm

When you are outside and thunderstorm strikes, the best you can do is to find shelter but not to the tallest objects. It is also recommended not to go to an open field or park. In order to be safe, find sturdy shelter but be cautious. You can find more details about the lightning issues here in this FAQ.

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