Standing Seam Metal

Standing Seam Metal P2200020

Metal roofs add a classical look to your home and will last a lifetime, whereas the average life of an asphalt shingle roof is only 12 years. While the initial cost of a metal roof is normally higher than that of a non-metal roof it will pay for itself in the long run.

Metal roofs are more durable than asphalt and other non-metal materials. Asphalt roofs begin to deteriorate as soon as they are installed; from exposure to UV rays, temperature changes, storms, and high winds.

A metal roof will never deteriorate and is more durable against the effects of mother nature. Because a metal roof is more durable than other coverings it will increase the value of your home.

Our painted steel roofs come in over 40 colors, all of which are Energy Star colors. They are pre-painted using technology developed by NASA using Hylar and Kynar Paints. This allows the metal panels to be formed and installed without peeling. They also have a higher reflectivity which makes it an Energy Star Product. The paint has a 35 year warranty by the manufacture.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs have been around for over 130 years, and are the most popular type of metal roofs in Virginia. Please look at our photo gallery for different color ideas and contact us if you have more questions.

Aluminum Standing Seam

The look of this type of aluminum roof is almost the same as the pre-painted standing seam metal roof. Aluminum is the perfect solution for beach or costal homes. If a pre-painted metal roof is installed near or around salt water, the paint can start showing signs of wear and pealing in only two years. An Aluminum roof has a 35 year warranty on the paint even near or on salt water front property, the downside is that it does dent easily so we only recommend this type of installation on or near salt water.