Residential Metal Roofs in Arlington VA – The New Trend

Residential Metal Roofs in Arlington VA – The New Trend

Residential Metal Roofs in Arlington VA – The New Trend
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Metal Roofing – The New Trend in Northern Virginia

The new trend has become metal roofing.  In fact now with numerous natural disasters happening more often such as wildfires, extreme storms, hurricanes, and other hazardous conditions, there are increasing numbers of homeowners that desire the benefits of metal roofing. Statistics show that steel roofing installation doubled last year and it will continue to show that same increase by about 15 percent annually. Moreover according to MRA (Metal Roofing Alliance) Metal is more capable of protecting every household from any destructive weather condition. Metal roofing can last 2 up to 3 times longer than asphalt roofing. Metal roofs can last between 60 and  80 years or longer even in warm humid locations, also it is virtually immune to mildew stains.

For Patented Metal Roofs in Arlington VA Alpha Rain incorporated is one of the most prestigious metal roofing companies and develops of their patented roof ventilation system. The temperature has been assessed which has an outdoors temperature of 94 degrees and has an extremely hot 147 in the attic. After the Therma Vent system was completely installed, amazingly the attic’s temperature dropped its temperature to 101 degrees at the peak and only 96 degrees at the base of the attic. Surprisingly, the results show a temperature swing of about 46 degrees differential which is huge. For over a decade, the biggest problem of any house and homeowner is the cost when it comes to installing a good ventilation system which is very essential especially for places with hot condition and humid temperatures.

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Metal Roofs in Arlington VA

Generally, the ventilation systems that we used of the past was made with wood which feature some moderate results of minimizing hot temperatures in the attic. However, the cost was always way out of hand. While Alpha rain offers first rate steel roofing systems which has a highly effective thermal ventilation system that possess 35 years of warranty from coating, peeling and fading Sheffield metals.

Metal roofing can reduce your cooling costs that can save as much as 40 percent, with the latest development of new reflective paints that can save energy that will revolutionize the residential roofing industry. The latest cool roofing technology can protect your home from the radiant energy of the sun by reflecting it back away from the roof. Even dark colors can achieve cool attributes; it can stay considerable cooler compared to other metal roofing materials. It reduces the heat from entering while keeping the homeowners wallets cozy. Getting your metal roofing installed with Alpha rain incorporated is a long term investment which is up to two to three times more durable than any other roofing materials.

Alpha Rain is serving the Arlington VA Metal Roofing, installation and development industry for over 2 decades. The company installed over 500 metal roofs in Northern parts of Virginia. Alpha Rain provides many references you can choose from, if you prefer a certain color that matches your taste; do not hesitate to let us know and we will direct you to home that have colors you like.   Also we will take a picture of your house and we can photo show it with the type of metal roof you prefer with the colors you would like to see.  You can leave your information at the quick contact form with your messages or queries and can Call Us at 540-222-1642.

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