Metal Roofing Virginia a Good Investment for Your Home

Metal Roofing Virginia a Good Investment for Your Home

Metal Roofing Virginia a Good Investment for Your Home
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Upgrading Your Roofs to Metal Roofs – Beneficial for Your Home

Do you keep getting roof repairs time and time again which leads to extra unwanted expenses? Are you having trouble dealing with your roof leaks? Are you anxious about the cost of roof maintenance? Instead of worrying too much and spending most of your time and money with traditional roofing made from asphalt, Have you ever considered upgrading to metal roofing?

“Are you anxious about the cost of roof maintenance?”

Why Metal Roof?

Metal roofing is a great investment; after all, it’s your home. When it comes to durability and quality, nothing beats roofing made with metal. You will be able to relax a little once the installation is complete because it will be able to withstand all types of inclement weather. Also, your expenses for home improvement and maintenance will be lessened. Metal roofing installed correctly will no longer need repairs. The other upside is that the old tin roofs that we are removing are lasting 80-110 years, and the new prepainted Galvalume Steel metal roof will last even longer than the old tin roofs. We estimate over 150 years which would equal over 10 Asphalt roof replacement during that time costing over 5 times the cost then a metal roof in today’s dollars not including inflation and the cost of roofing pricing to replace your Asphalt roof every 15 years from now till the year 2165.

Pricey but Very Practical

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Metal Roofing Virginia

Upgrading your roof into metal is a bit pricier than shingles. But you need to consider the longevity and service life of Metal roofing vs Asphalt; you’ll notice sooner or later that you made the right choice that is if you chose a Metal Roof. Metal roof helps your home reflect the sun from your home during the summer to keep it cool during the hottest months of the year. In addition, as winter comes, your metal roof will keep heat in during the cold season if the Therma Vent system is installed. Everything will be regulated due to insulation and a proper ventilation system. Having a metal roof will keep the noises down from the outside. In fact metal keeps out extra noises and vibrations keeping your home peaceful which is a perfect place to relax and to bond with your family and loved ones.

“So now that you want a metal roof you can go find any roofer to install it right? Wrong!”

Go Green

This type of metal materials is recognized by the government which enables you to contribute with the environment. There will be no harmful chemicals that leak out of shingles, and your metal roof will not rust or break apart into your gutters much like Asphalt roofs as the naturally deteriorate and the granules fall into the gutters and then into your lawn or water drainage system. Metal roofs can increase the value of your home and will cause your resale to be quicker and for a higher amount according to national studies. So now that you want a metal roof you can go find any roofer to install it right? Wrong!

Alpha Rain Incorporated

We, Alpha Rain Incorporated have been in metal roofing installation for over a decade and a half. We serve metal roofing Virginia and are an ALI (Authorized Local Installer) to the home owner of the new patented roof ventilation system which enables your home interior to minimize the heat. Our innovative ventilation system is ThermaVent and can decrease the temperature from 25 up to 40 percent cooler compared with other ventilation system. We strongly believed that our design when it comes with efficiency and effectiveness of reducing heat is irrefutable for both quality and pricing.

The revolutionized smart cooling ventilation system is designed with custom vented ridge that has a special eave venting that makes the release of the air cooler than before, reflecting and stopping the heat at the same time providing you the cool atmosphere you always want from your home.

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