Metal Roofing VA (540) 222-1642

Metal Roofing VA (540) 222-1642

Metal Roofing VA (540) 222-1642
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Metal Roofing in Virginia vs. Metal Roofing in Europe.

Metal Roofing VA metal roofing Metal Roofing VA (540) 222-1642 Innsbruck Goldenes DachlIn the heart of the historic district in Innsbruck Austria is the world famous Golden Roof of Maximilian I. Built in 1500 to quiet the rumor that the King was out of money this gold gilded copper shingle roof has 2,657 shingles. It is regilded with gold leaf every several years to keep it vibrant and shiny.

This was Maximilian’s residence and he could be seen often on the balcony with his 3rd wife, Bianca Maria Sforza of Milan. The roof is 52 feet wide and 12 feet tall.  We have put on many copper roofs but we haven’t been asked to gild them in gold…….yet!

If you would like us to install a gold roof for you we would be happy to accommodate you, as we install similar metal roofs in va.

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