Metal Roofing Charlottesville VA

Metal Roofing Charlottesville VA

Metal Roofing Charlottesville VA
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Evergreen Standing Seam Metal Roof

Metal Roofing Charlottesville VA

Contact us at: 434 207-5560 we are Alpha Rain The Metal Roofing Company.
Showing the most energy efficient Metal roof patented ventilation system on a Standing Seam Metal Roof in Charlottesville, VA

Alpha Rain has developed a new innovative Energy Efficient Roof Ventilation system for Metal Roofs in VA, we are putting this patented roof on many homes in the Charlottesville VA area.


Metal Roofing Charlottesville VA


There are 3 ways to transmit heat:

  • Direct heat transfer-think of a tea kettle on an open flame
  • Convective heat transfer- think of a turkey in an oven where the hot air cooks the turkey
  • Radiant heat transfer- think of popcorn in a microwave


Our new Radiant Therma Vent roofing system addresses all three. The Radiant Therma Vent panel acts as a thermal break to stop the direct heat transfer. The air ventilation we introduce into the radiant Thema Vent system stops the convective heat transfer by ventilating the hot air out of the ridge and pulling in the cool air from the eave area. This system even vents the hot air from the attic. The use of a Radiant barrier stops the radiant heat transfer. This radiant barrier is so intelligent that in the winter it stops the radiant heat from leaving your house!

This system is only available from Alpha Rain, your metal roof specialist. We will be happy to show you a prototype of this system and actually take apart a portable mock up of a section of roof. We will also show you on a digital photo what your home will look like with a metal roof. We can even show you different roof colors so you won’t be guessing what color will look best.

Below we have our information and contact info, and also below that I have a link to the Metal Roofing Alliance where you can find contractors, more than just us Alpha Rain.  We believe that competition will not be able to provide you products like are under metal roof self-ventilation system, optimized custom solar powered fans designed for you attic and roofing system, but we leave it up to you the customer to decide you self.

Take a look at the video below, you can also contact us by phone 434 207-5560 or by email or 

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