Throughout the history of what is now known as Loudoun County, the land has been a silent witness to a parade of architectural wonders. Few places can appreciate such an evolution in how humankind makes its mark on the landscape as the people of Loudoun, who endeavor to keep the area’s rich history alive while forging ahead into Virginia’s future. This unique, old-time charm shows up in everything around from the county’s rural areas full of horses and wine to the changes in its buildings’ roofing.

As you explore Loudoun County’s scenic byways or look down on its urban regions from the Bull Run Mountains, the metal, solar, and shingle roofing creates an effect in keeping with an Impressionistic painting. The array of materials and textures in everything from copper roofs to Victorian stamped shingles deftly turns the panoramic scene into a piece of art that is the product of artisans from the past and present.

The skilled professionals at Alpha Rain Roofing take pride in their contributions to the roofing landscape of Loudoun County. For approximately twenty years, its close-knit and competent employees have been installing solar, shingle, and metal roofing on homes and businesses in historic Loudoun and throughout Virginia. Since the company’s inception when the focus was primarily on metal roofing like the standing seam, stone coated, and copper varieties, it has done its best to provide tip-top services to its clients.

Whether you want to make your home more green with solar roofing or replace the Victorian stamped shingle roofing on a historic Loudoun landmark, Alpha Rain can do the job to the highest standard at rates that won’t send you through the roof. We service all areas of Loudoun County from Airmont to Woodburn and will help you make an informed decision with a free consultation and examples of similar shingle, solar, or metal roofing projects we have done.