Even before Francis Fauquier won the land that is known as Fauquier County today in a poker game, the region has seen its share of architectural wonders. From the primitive homes the Manahoac tribe made laboriously from stone tools to the wineries for which the region is known, the Virginia landscape is constantly evolving as a result of the building methods the human race brings. When you take the time to look up, the variety of materials and construction just on Fauquier roofs can even surprise you.

In an area as rich in history as Fauquier County, the expanse of homes and businesses of differing styles and colors is like a dizzying mosaic in a museum of art, especially in the materials seen on top. Each rooftop covered in Victorian stamped shingles or copper metal roofing adds its own texture and hue to the mix, blending effortlessly into the region Fauquier citizens call home. This is a panaramic view that continues to change as new materials and methods emerge, such as solar panels to enable homes to be more green.

Having honed our skills in the metal and shingle roofing business for two decades, Alpha Rain Roofing is overjoyed to have contributed to this mosaic the buildings of Fauquier County make. When we arrived on the roofing scene, our focus was on metal roofing, including copper, standing seam, and stone coated types. In recent years, we were happy to make the leap into solar and shingle roofing as well and fast established ourselves as Virginia-based experts in roofing of all kinds.

If you have a shingle, solar, or metal roofing project to be done in Fauquier County or beyond, don’t hesitate to consult with one of our friendly and knowledgeable professionals. We are happy to share references and will even try to find ones that match with your own metal, solar, or shingle roofing needs. Each member of the Alpha Rain Roofing family is dedicated to providing the best roofing services around at reasonable rates, so you have something to shout about from your new rooftop.