Reston Virginia

Reston Virginia Metal Roofing Reston Virginia Reston Virginia Reston1What do Carnegie Hall and the 7th best place to live in America have in common? The sale of one (Carnegie Hall) financed the building of the other (Reston Virginia). Originally deeded to Lord Fairfax in the early 1700’s this 7300 acre tract was eventually bought by Robert E. Simon on his 50th birthday. Using the monies from the sale of Carnegie Hall to finance the first modern, post-war planned community in America, named for his initials Reston became known for its unique planning and beautiful design ideas like Lake Anne. It was designed to emulate the Italian coastal town of Portofino. As you navigate this lake’s beautiful shores you will notice a stunning home built into the hill of one of the lakes many alcoves. This particular home is known for its single defining architectural feature, a beautiful matte black standing seam metal roof. Originally built with a wood shake roof this home, with its low slope hip roof was an immediate local favorite. As the wood shakes quickly deteriorated the owner began his search for just the right style of metal roofing.

Reston Virginia Metal Roofing Reston Virginia Reston Virginia Reston2To help with the selection of the color we offered many addresses for the owner to view. We can now use new photo technology to superimpose a standing seam metal roof on your home in an array of colors for you approval. We will also show you a hands on prototype of our three basic standing seam metal roof options. From our basic pre-painted to our most technologically advanced energy efficient options in America, created by us Alpha Rain.

We can even show you some high Tech options that include solar powered ridge venting fans for the ultimate in green energy solutions for your home. In some cases we will even put on our creative hats, much like Robert E. Simon did, and “invent” a solution that would apply to only your home. Contact us or give us a call and we would be happy to assist you with you homes needs in Reston Virginia.

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