Great Falls Virginia

Falls Church Virginia Great Falls Great Falls Virginia GreatFalls1We are Alpha Rain the Metal Roofing Company. Similar to how Thomas Jefferson brought tin roofing technology over from Europe, which helped created our industry which is metal roofing. George Washing tried to accomplish this same idea with Great Falls Virginia.

This amazing natural wonder is located on the northern boundary of Virginia where the Potomac falls over 80 feet in a less than a mile and creates amazing water falls. The falls presented a challenge for possible canal traffic and in 1784 George Washington’s dream of connecting the Ohio River system with the Potomac was started with the founding of the Patowmack Company. Washington resided as president and very clearly announced his dream for the nation, “The way,” Washington wrote, “is easy and dictated by our clearest interest. It is to open a wide door, and make a smooth way for the produce of that Country to pass to our Markets ….” The first river traffic came through the series of 5 locks in 1802, 3 years after Washington’s death and was eventually abandoned. Due to great fluctuation in the river level the locks could only operate 2 months out of the year and the revenues couldn’t even pay interest on the debt.

Great Falls Virginia Metal Roofing Great Falls Great Falls Virginia GreatFalls2This particular failure, however, did bear fruit as the country was connected by man-made waterways and canals and did bring the west together with the east. This “vision” refining is very common for visionaries like Washington and usually leads to amazing results. This is similar to how new technology reaches the market place. In the late 1800’s new inventions like the telephone, and the use of electricity in households had no infrastructure to support their use, so in many cases it took 50 years or so to develop the framework to support these new inventions. With a very good current level of technology new inventions can go from their initial conception to the market place in months, not decades. This has been our experience as we took note of how Washington used convective air flow to cool Mount Vernon and we connected that working theory with new radiant barrier technology and coupled those two concepts together with thermal break technology. After 10 years of field testing which included many generations of altered and improved results we have finally unveiled our newest automatic high energy efficient roofing system that reduces the amount of energy needed to cool your house in the summer.

Now that the ground work has been laid, as Washington did at Great Falls, we anticipate many new energy saving options for our future customers. What’s next is the question we get asked, how about a metal roof that not only cools in the summer but heats your house in the winter, if you live in or near Great Falls Virginia and would like more information or a consultation on the many type of metal roofs and energy saving solutions that we have created and install please contact us and we will be glad to assist you with you needs.

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