Chantilly Virginia

Chantilly Virginia Chantilly Virginia Chantilly Virginia Chantilly1Chantilly’s namesake was a plantation named Chantilly in the early 1800’s that was burned down by Federal Troops in 1863. The town retained that name and has grown into a bedroom community about 35 miles West of Washington D.C. There were a few small civil war battles there but currently its greatest claim to fame is the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center annex of the National Air and Space Museum. If you have never visited this enormous structure you are in for a treat. I took my father, a WWII vet who served in the Army Air Corp., and he was amazed at the number of planes that they had. I was amazed at the number of these planes he had flown.

As we wandered around this vast hanger it struck me how much our technology had advanced. I started thinking of my own industry that has been around since thatch roofs have been around. I started thinking about the advances we have made in the last 10 years. We now know how to integrate radiant, thermal and convective technology in our metal roofs, and we now offer custom ridge ventilation using solar powered fans for Metal Roofs.

Chantilly2 Chantilly Virginia Chantilly Virginia Chantilly2I realize necessity is the mother of invention but, what brought on these latest innovations? Up until about 10 years ago energy was so cheap that we had no reason to conserve it. Now with our future pointing to a huge increase in energy costs it is actually cheaper to save energy than to make it.

So now we see that these latest improvements, many of them pioneered by and created by us Alpha Rain, serve a real need for our customers. Here is a thought; can you imagine a roof installed during the civil war still being functional today? With proper maintenance we believe our standing seam and stone coated metal roofs will last 150 years. We also can prove mathematically that these roofs are actually the least expensive roofs money can buy.

Let us offer our assistance and expertise as we introduce you to the most beautiful and energy efficient metal roofs available from our industry today.