Ever since the first settlers made their homes along the Potomac River, the area known today as Fairfax County has witnessed an array of architectural techniques, which is constantly evolving. From the thatched roofs and animal skins employed by the Algonquian people to the shingle or stone coated metal roofing seen in Virginia today, the changes the human race has brought to the Fairfax landscape is astounding.

In fact, when you view Fairfax County from atop the neighboring Appalachians, the scene is much like a patchwork quilt. Every family home and local business is part of the rich mix of colors, materials, and even roofing techniques when viewed from above. Each building with Victorian stamped shingles or a copper roof brings its own unique warmth into Fairfax scene, even if we don’t consciously make the connection as we pass through life wearing blinders.

Our team of competent and courteous professionals at Alpha Rain Roofing is pleased to be a part of Fairfax County’s architectural tradition. We have been setting up metal, solar, and shingle roofing in Fairfax and throughout Virginia for two decades, and we look forward to many more years to come. We began by establishing our name with the installation of quality metal roofing with a focus on copper, stone coated, and standing seam roofing varieties, and we have expanded our services to include solar and shingle roofing as well.

Whether you need a custom copper roof or Victorian stamped shingles for a historic Fairfax home remodel, one of our roofing experts will be happy to consult with you on the project. We service all of Fairfax County and beyond, and you don’t need to make a special trip to the nearby Central Intelligence Agency to get our references. We do our best to help you make an informed decision about your shingle, solar, or metal roofing project, and our straightforward price quotes don’t contain hidden costs that could send you through the roof.

Our Fairfax Virginia Service Area:

Alexandria Virginia Metal Roofing

Chantilly Virginia Metal Roofing

Clifton Virginia Metal Roofing

Falls Church Virginia Metal Roofing

Great Falls Virginia Metal Roofing

Reston Virginia Metal Roofing

Vienna Virginia Metal Roofing


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