Leesburg VA Metal Roofing Vented J Channel

Leesburg VA Metal Roofing Vented J Channel

Leesburg VA Metal Roofing Vented J Channel
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Leesburg VA Metal Roofing Vented J Channel

Custom Vented J Channel vented j channel Leesburg VA Metal Roofing Vented J Channel j vent
Custom Vented J Channel

Phone 540-222-1642 we are Alpha Rain The Metal Roofing Company.  This is for Leesburg VA, I’m going to show you are vented J channel custom handmade only by alpha rain.  Think about a ridge that has no place for air to escape.  What if the air cannot escape how can we call it a vented ridge?  The Truth is it cannot and it will not allow the air to escape.  99% of all metal roofs do not have a way for the air to escape even though they have a ridge cap.  Most of our customer tell us that they have problems with heat it their attics, and the other customer normally don’t know how hot it gets in the attic, we will go into the attic take real time temperature, which for any day that is over 85 degrees outside we test attic and the average is about 150-170 degrees.  If you do not have a vented J Channel for your ridge cap of your metal roof, the roof will not vent your attic at all, and that 150 plus degrees will stay in your attic.  By having a vented J Channel we are able to bring those attic temperatures down to 120 degrees with our premium system, and we can bring it down to the same temperature as the outside air temperature with our platinum system.

Below we have our information and contact info, and also below that I have a link to the Metal Roofing Alliance where you can find contractors, more than just us Alpha Rain.  We believe that competition will not be able to provide you products like are under metal roof self-ventilation system, optimized custom solar powered fans designed for you attic and roofing system, but we leave it up to you the customer to decide you self.

Take a look at the video below, you can also contact us by phone 540-687-0603 or by email info@alpharain.com or AlphaRain.com 

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Please take a look at our video titled Leesburg VA Metal Roofing Vented J Channel

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