How to have a Comfortable House by Installing a Metal Roof

How to have a Comfortable House by Installing a Metal Roof

How to have a Comfortable House by Installing a Metal Roof
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How to Maintain the Quality of your Ventilation and Metal Roof

Not so long ago, lots of non-profit organizations conducted programs about healthy homes. How to keep it dry, keeping it clean and pest free. As a homeowner, you might not be aware of your home as having an efficient ventilation system. Yes indeed, homes must have a good ventilation system to combat the high heat that roofing systems creates.  Normally this is done by industry standard soffit and ridge vents that only lower your attic air temperatures down to 130 degrees on a 90 degree day.

Most likely, a typical home will normally let the heat out from the attic. But, a well-ventilated home allows removing the moisture, pollutants and odor at the same time. Keep in mind that there are more pollutants from home rather than from outside the home.

Colonial Red Standing Seam Metal Roof metal roof How to have a Comfortable House by Installing a Metal Roof Colonial Red Standing Seam Metal Roof
Colonial Red Standing Seam Metal Roof

Proper ventilation system plays a vital role for many residential homes and industrial areas as well. When your home does not have good ventilation or even industry standard ventilation you house will stay hot in the summer months, by the heat in the attic trying to come into the home.  Even if you AC unit keeps your home cool with a hot attic it will run longer and cost you more money in you electric bill.  Plus without proper ventilation you might even create a mold or mildew problem which is very dangerous and costly to have removed.  Having a under roof ventilation system installed also referred to as a Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) will help keep you home pleasant while keeping your attic temperatures down.  Not every ASV is the same; we use the most efficient one made called Therma Vent.

It also controls humidity and heat by releasing, reflecting and stopping all three ways heat is transfer keeping you cooler and saving you money.  You should also be aware of taking good care of your metal roof to ensure you everything is working properly. Yes, a metal roof is the longest lasting roof materials but there are few things you can do to keep those roofs of yours in perfect shape. Damaged roof such as leaks will primarily affect your ventilation system.

  • Constantly, monitor trees and bushes against your metal roof. Trees which are always moving as the wind blows can damage your roof. It is highly advisable to trim your trees from time to time especially when storm season arise.

  • Maintain the quality of your metal roof by cleaning and minimize debris such as dry leaves and branches. These objects might damage the gutter system of your roof which leads to leaks. Carefully use a hose or probably blowers with high MPH.

  • Always clean your gutter most especially during the fall season. Accumulation of dry leaves and other debris can potentially damage your roofing system. The problem could cause corrosion on a roof, clog and damage the drainage system.

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  1. I know that it is a good idea to have a good ventilation system in my attic. I just worry that what I have isn’t quite enough because whenever I go into the attic it doesn’t feel like there is any air circulation. Is there something I can do to make sure there is proper ventilation up there? Should I have a certain number of vents?

    1. Hi James, This is Paul with Alpha Rain, This are a few things you can to do existing roofs. Do you have a Asphalt roof? If so, the best you will be able to get the temperature of your roof in the summer depending on where you live will be between 125-130 degree Fahrenheit, that is on a 85-95 degree day outside air temperature. So the first thing I would recommend before you do anything to change up things by adding venting is to buy a digital laser thermometer so you can test how hot it is in your attic first. I bought quite a few off of Amazon for under $20. Etekcity was a good quality one that was more accurate than $60 ones. Next time its over 80 degrees outside take it and do tested all over. Start in your house and point it to you ceiling of your attic. see what temperature it is, then move to your attic and test the floor of your attic where your insulation is located (most insulation is in the floor of the attic) Then point it at the under side of your roof decking and then to your ridge. This will give you base temperature. Then also you need to find out if you have soffit vents, and if you have a ridge vent. You need both for proper ventilation to occur. Also if you have gable vents, which would be located at either end of your attic near the ridge, normally looks like a vent that is on your siding. These need to be removed or covered up from the inside with plastic. They are the worst thing you can have if you have a ridge vent and soffit vents. There is only a limited amount you can do to an existing roof, but you can do those items that will help greatly. Once its time to replace your roof, Please check out the Therma Vent system. This is the system that we use and we truely get all the attics down to near 100 degrees in the peak of the attic when it is 95 degrees outside. Every customer that we have installed this system on loves it, and a customer last summer reported on Google + review that he saved $100 in his energy cost alone. Sorry don’t mean to put on a sales pitch, but it works. Please feel free to call me if you would like more detailed info on how to retro your roof to make it 540-687-0603, or respond to this thread and I will do my best to help you.

      Thanks for the great question, most homes in America have high heat problems in their attics.

      (COO) Alpha Rain


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