Stone Coated Metal

Stone Coated Metal FAQ

How long has Stone Coated metal been around?

Companies have been manufacturing stone coated metal roofing since the 1970s.

What materials are used in making Stone Coated metal?

The stone coated metal panels are made out of Galvalume which is the very best type of corrosion resistant metal. The basecoat is made to last a lifetime in all-weather climates. The stone is crushed granite made out of the color of roofing you have chosen. This ensures the very best longevity for your roof.

Does a Stone Coated Metal roof add a lot of weight?

No, in fact it is lighter than most roofs. A 25 Year asphalt shingle roof weighs 3 pounds per square foot. A stone coated metal roof weighs 1.4 pounds per square foot. That make the stone coated metal roof over half the weight of a asphalt shingle roof.

Can I get a Class A Fire Rating with a stone coated metal roof?

Yes you can, most of the stone coated metal roofs that we offer have a class A fire rating. Please check with us on exact styles.

Can I get a Homeowner insurance discount with a stone coated roof?

Yes in some cases with some insurance companies you can, please check with them before having your roof installed to know the facts.

Is a stone coated metal roof safe during an earthquake?

When comparing stone coated metal roofs to clay tile roofs and other heavy roofs that look the same, the stone coated metal roofs are much safer during an earthquake due to the light weight material.

What is the wind rating of the stone coated metal roofs?

The basic wind rating is 120 mph and has been tested up to 170 mph without being damaged.

Is the Stone coated metal roof noisy during rain?

No, in fact this is one of the quietest metal roofs, and even quieter when installed with our energy efficient roof system.

Will the stone coated metal roof retain the heat during the summer?

No, stone coated metal roofs are energy efficient when compared to an asphalt shingle roof. Also when installed with our energy efficient roof system can save up to 25% in energy cost during the summer months. See Energy Efficient FAQ page for more info.

Does my existing roof need to be torn off to install a stone coated metal roof.

No, we can install right over the old existing roof without problem. The stone coated metal roofs have been designed to install directly over your existing roof.