Standing Seam Metal

Standing Seam Metal FAQ

How long does the paint last on your pre-painted steel roofs?

The paint warranty on our pre-painted steel roofs is 35 years against fading and 35 years against peeling.

How many different colors do your pre-painted steel roofs come in?

There are over 40 different colors to choose, and most of them are energy star colors making your roof cooler and saving you on your energy bills.

How do your new steel roofs compare to the old tin roofs?

Our 26 gauge pre-painted Galvalume® steel roofs have a look that is almost identical to the old standing seam tin roofs. The main difference between the two is that our steel roofs require substantially less maintenance, are quieter in the wind, and are cooler in the summer than the old tin roofs. The last manufacturer of terned tin was Follensby and was recently bought out by Revere (Paul’s company). Revere decided to discontinue manufacturing terned tin so it is no longer available.

How long do properly maintained steel roofs last?

The lifetime of your house and maintenance won’t start for over 35 years.

How much more does your pre-painted steel roof cost than tin?

Once you figure in the additional cost of hand-painting a tin roof every few years, the price between a tin roof and our steel roof is comparable, and now that no one makes tin for tin roofs any longer it is a moot point.

How does your Galvalume® pre-painted roofs compare to asphalt shingle & wood shake roofs?

In the Northern Virginia area asphalt shingle roofs lose their grains rapidly due to the temperature extremes and the amount of rainfall. You will be fortunate to get 15 years out of a 20 year shingle. Wood shake roofs fare even worse than asphalt due to the high humidity. 15 years for a wood shake roof is also average. In both cases your roof will have to be replaced many times during the life of your house, thus making our steel roof less expensive over the life of your house.

How hot does a steel roof get?

We utilize the cool roof technology in our roofs and they can actually save you energy in the summer. The paint used in our roofs is engineered in a manner that is designed to reflect the sun’s energy, instead of absorbing it. Because our roofs are so efficient, they are the only metal roof that meets California’s energy requirements.

(See the Energy Efficient Roof FAQ page for more info on our custom Radiant Therma Vent roof system)

How does copper and aluminum metal roofs compare to steel roofs?

Copper is the lowest maintenance and longest lasting roof in existence today. A copper roof never has to be painted, will not rust, and has no finish that can be scratched or subject to peeling. It will weather to a bronze and then to a beautiful green patina, similar to that of the Statue of Liberty (the Statue of Liberty is plated in its original 1886 copper clad). Copper is so durable that it is used on most government buildings where the lifetime of the buildings is measured in centuries not years. A copper roof does cost Considerately more than a pre-painted steel roof, as it is a semi-precious metal.

An aluminum roof will hold up especially well in extreme atmospheric regions, such as near salt water or where acidic rain is a problem. Because aluminum will not rust or corrode, it is an excellent roof for these geographic areas. However, aluminum is a more expensive metal than steel, and because it requires more labor to install due to its expansion and shrinkage properties, an aluminum roof will cost you about 25% more than a pre-painted steel roof. It is also very easy to dent because it is a much softer metal.

Are your metal panels pre-formed?

No; all of our panels are formed at the job site to the exact measurements of your roof. This means that there will be no breaks in the length of the panel which can cause complications during instillation.

Do you use a snap lock panel?

No, we only use a Double lock panel. Snap lock panels are quicker to install. They work by pushing one seam down snapping it over the seam below. The problem with this type of installation is that over about ten years the panel will loosen and rattle with moderate to high winds. The double lock panel is mechanically double locked. This makes a very strong panel that will last the duration of your house without any rattling or noise. The double lock panel is installed with screws and takes a longer time to install, and more labor than a snap lock panel which is installed with nails. If you have a price from a company for a snap lock metal roof, it should be quite a bit less in price than our double lock panel. We are committed to only providing the best quality to our customers and for this reason we do not offer a snap lock panel.