Energy Efficient Roof System VA

Energy Efficient Roof System VA

Energy Efficient Roof System VA
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Effective and Efficient Roof Ventilation System in Virginia

If you are planning to upgrade or modify your residential roof system, first, there are many types of roofing materials available on the market these days. The problem is that some of these materials are not safe when it comes with the environment. Indeed, every homeowner wants to protect their home using roofing materials that are of good value, but how about protecting the environment at the same time? One of the best roofing materials that you can get for home if you want to go green is by using roofing materials made from metal. Aside from keeping the environment from unneeded waste, Most metal roofing product are made with recycled metal from 25%-83%recycled content.  Plus it provides many other benefits such as durability, energy saving, and infrequent maintenance or repairs.

When you have this metal roofing system installed on your home, you are going to make the most out of it. The roof will last longer than any other types of materials. In fact, the lifespan of a metal roof is  80up to 150 years. Also, since your roof is made from Galvalume metal, you are certain that your home can endure tough weather such as extreme heat during summer month, and snowstorms, rain storms, Hurricanes, fire, and earthquake.

This simply means that you no longer have to worry about replacing your roofs time and time again which allows you to save money in the long run and get a ROI on your investment of a metal roof. Moreover, no more costly leaks you have to deal with that ruin your expensive carpets and furniture. Having a tough roofing system is an important factor especially during the economical downfall. It decreases your expenses on maintenance and keeps your home cool which minimize the use of air-condition.

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Energy Efficient Roof System

Metal roofing enhances the look of your home from a typical house to an extravagant look that  looks like a millions bucks. It gives your home a better appearance with the available types of designs and color coatings of your choice for any house style. It also increases the value of your home that is a good investment when you are planning to sell your house in the future. In fact studies have shown that you will get 75% of your investment back of your metal roof at the time of sale of your home.  Also imagine this if you’ve decided to install a metal roof, while your neighbor prefers to use asphalt material. Then you can watch them spending most of their money on repairs and maintenance, and the replacement of their asphalt roof in another 15 years.  Once they have had to replace their roof for the second time you can go tell your neighbor that your metal roof 15 years ago cost less than their shingle roof 15 years ago plus the cost of the second shingle roof he just had installed, just be careful because it might make you feel good to say, but your neighbor might not be to excited to find he just wasted his money.  Plus if you really want to rub it in you can say at least on the up side he won’t have to replace his roof for another 15 years, and then if you want to made it worse (which we don’t recommend) you can tell him that in the time he will have replaces 3 asphalt shingle roofs that your metal roofs’ Paint will still be under warranty.

Hopefully, this article helped you with your decision about what kind of materials you are going to use for your home.

Alpha Rain Incorporated

When looking for a metal roofing company, you can never go wrong with Alpha Rain Incorporated one of the biggest names when it comes with metal roofing contractors northern Virginia. The company has been in the metal roofing business serving the utmost roofing system with highly energy efficient ventilation and metal roofing systems at most residential homes and commercial in Virginia.

Virginia Green Homes provides an energy efficient roofing system exclusively to Alpha Rain Incorporated clients. We developed a 1-foot thick polystyrene wall with its self-cooling ventilation system powered by our optimized MOT solar DC fans. There are R&D projects that we are currently developing as we continue our research providing you the best quality roofing systems you truly deserve. Take a look at the video below named Metal Roofing Millwood VA. We are a part of the Metal Roofing Alliance, which is a great place to get Standing Seam Metal Roofing information. Please Contact us for more information or for a free estimate for Metal Roofing Millwood VA.

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